DIY – How to Make A Vintage Valve Cover Lamp


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Product Description

Want to learn exactly how to create your own Vintage Valve Cover Lamp and wow others with the finished product?

Well now you can with our step-by-step DIY guide.

The guide has been designed to save you time and money, featuring:

  • a list of tools needed
  • a full list of parts needed as well as where to find them
  • illustrated steps on construction and assembly
  • tips and tricks to help you avoid common mistakes that can ruin the whole project

If you can handle a cordless drill and follow basic instructions, you can design and build beautiful lamps like this too!

Whether you’re making them for yourself, as a gift for someone else, or as a product to sell, this DIY guide will help virtually eliminate the learning curve of taking on a unique project like this.

You’ll be able to reproduce the clean, sleek, industrial design of our lamps without having any amateur looking wires or mounting brackets sticking out of the cover that take away from the design.

Get your guide now!

Note: Pricing shown is in US Dollars