The 302 Ford Lamp


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Product Description

The “POWERED BY FORD” is proudly on display on this lamp.

It evokes thoughts of the Mustangs and the hot-rodders that raced them. And even more so with this lamp from a 1971, 302 Windsor powered Mustang.

The original owner even took matters into his own hands by painting the covers a grabber blue and hugger orange. A bright, bold choice for an era equally as interesting.

This lamp preserves all the patina and history of the car exactly as it was – complete with it’s chipped paint, rust, and eye catching paint – serving as a historical timepiece and reminder of days gone by.

Combined with a slick automotive ON/OFF toggle switch and the simple, strong industrial steel pipe this lamp has a timeless, clean design.

Unlike other lamps, the only lamp wire you will see is the end that slips out the back of the base.

There are no wires or mounting brackets to break up the design, leaving the valve cover itself the central focus of the design.

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