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The T-Vette Lamp


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Product Description

The legendary power, racing heritage and incredible heritage is what the Corvette is all about.

In a league of it’s own the Corvette always turns heads.

And so does this lamp.

Color-matched to GM’s 2016 Corvette Red called “Torch Red”, contrasted with black lettering it captures the essence of the Corvette Spirit.

Made from an all-Aluminum valve cover from 1957-1959 Corvettes, this survivor featured the stamped code of “3726086.”

This lamp was commissioned and named after both the giver and givee, giving us the incredible “T-Vette” lamp.

Combined with a slick automotive ON/OFF toggle switch and the simple, strong industrial steel pipe this lamp has a timeless, clean design.

Unlike other lamps, the only lamp wire you will see is the end that slips out the back of the base.

There are no wires or mounting brackets to break up the design, leaving the valve cover itself the central focus of the design.

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